Test Huawei MateBook E: a powerful laptop that lacks interfaces

The updated hybrid tablet Huawei MateBook version E has got a customizable stand and docking station with additional interfaces. On the device remains only the USB connector Type-C.

Huawei MateBook E: Performance

Inside the aluminum case of this tablet is the high-performance Core i5-7Y54 processor from Intel and 4 GB of RAM. This combination of components provides a decent pace of work primarily when using office programs.

The keypad, which also serves as a cover, has an integrated stand. It can be adjusted according to the slope of the display. The keyboard itself is highlighted and feels very pleasant to the touch.

12-inch display also contributes to comfortable work. Its very high resolution is 2160×1440 pixels and at maximum settings the brightness reaches 440 cd / m2. The IPS panel used here provides more than average coverage of the color space. As a disadvantage, we can note the too much glare surface of the display.

The biggest drawback of this model lies in the interfaces. By itself, the tablet is equipped with only one USB connector Typ-C. With it, it can be recharged through a 40W power supply, or connect to peripherals equipped with a USB Typ-C port, at speeds corresponding to the USB 3.1 standard.

To slightly correct this unpleasant situation, Huawei adds the MateDock 2 device to the package. This small docking station contains HDMI and VGA outputs for connecting an external monitor. In addition, MateDock has a “real” USB A port and an additional USB Typ-C port, with which you can not only charge the MateBook E, but also connect other peripherals to it. Ethernet port, like the previous model, unfortunately, no longer exists.

Alternative options

Alternative with LTE-module and larger RAM – HP Pro x2 612 G2 (L5H60EA # ABD)

Having paid a bit more, in the face of HP Pro x2 612 G2 buyers get a much better equipped “2 in 1” tablet with LTE-module and RAM of twice size. The duration of the battery life in the video playback mode is approximately the same here – 6 hours 24 minutes. Only a 12-inch display has a slightly lower resolution (Full HD).

Previous Model: Huawei MateBook 128GB

The choice in favor of the previous model can not be called wrong. In addition to the money saved, the buyer will receive an almost identical device. The processor of the older generation, although somewhat slower, but in practice it is almost not felt. But the battery can last almost 2 hours longer.

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