Test and review of the Soundboks 2 wireless speaker

Test results

In the face of Soundboks 2, the world’s loudest Bluetooth-column has received a thoughtful update. But this giant speaker differs not only in its loudness. In terms of the duration of the battery life, Soundboks 2 also has something to boast about. The novelty turns out more expensively than Soundboks of the first version, but the sound quality here is noticeably improved. Thus, who has enough money, in the face of Soundboks 2 will find an almost perfect speaker for mass parties.

Soundboks 2: great sound

With its dimensions of 66x43x32 cm, the wireless speaker Soundboks 2 refers to a completely different dimension than classic Bluetooth speakers such as Ultimate Ears Wonderboom, JBL Flip or Bose SoundLink. Recent are more likely to fill with sound a hotel room or a small party in the backyard of a country house.

Soundboks 2 makes sense to use for other purposes: the battery life of more than 40 hours (at a volume sufficient for parties), loudness at the extreme 122 dB, as well as a dust and waterproof construction of wood and aluminum – all this provides wonderful impressions from the speakers primarily on music festivals and large outdoor parties with a hundred guests.

Thanks to the interfaces AUX and Bluetooth, almost all smartphones, laptops and tablets will be able to connect to this column. The replaceable battery can be recharged with a pleasant speed – in just 3.5 hours. With 15 kilograms of weight the device, although not easy, but thanks to the presence of two side handles it is convenient to carry it. However, it seems to us that it would be better if the developers provided it with roller wheels, and then it would be possible to overcome with it on longer distances.

The design of Soundboks 2 resembles a conventional amplifier: the buttons and interfaces are limited by the necessary minimum. One controller is designed to switch between use modes (indoors or outdoors). With the other knob you can control the volume. The fact that sound levels here vary from 1 to 11 is not an accident: Soundboks 2 wants to show that it is simply louder than its competitors.

Especially well the developers worked on the sound quality: while the first Soundboks at its volume did not particularly surprise us in terms of sound, the new version offers much more detailed high frequencies and, above all, more bass. This is real power.

The battery also received a functional update: unlike the previous version, the Soundboks 2 battery is equipped with an LED indication, which can be used to check the current state of the charge level at any time. This is a very practical option.

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