Test and review of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi6

Test results

Xiaomi Mi6 is an excellent Android-smartphone that by its qualities during the test approached the Galaxy S8 and HTC U11. But still he had one problem: the Chinese smartphone has limited LTE-support. In all other respects, it offers the characteristics of the highest class: the duration of battery life is phenomenal, the quality of performance and performance are excellent, and even photos taken with a dual camera are for the most part very much like.

Value for money: Excellent

Value for money: 84

Performance and management (35%): 98.3

Equipment (25%): 62.6

Battery (15%): 100

Display (15%): 91.4

Camera (10%): 85.4

Xiaomi Mi6 Test: excellent quality of performance

Xiaomi attracts fans of import incredible value for money, promising a product of the level of the iPhone and Galaxy S. But enough words: we got the top-of-the-line model Xiaomi Mi6 and checked that these promises are actually being fulfilled.

Xiaomi Mi6 looks chic, perfectly lies in hand and shines with impeccable quality of performance. In the literal sense of this word shines and the glass case, which when using the smartphone immediately become visible fingerprints and greasy spots. But you need to get used to this if you want to have a phone with a glass case.

Unlike the Galaxy S8 (or even the Xiaomi Mi Mix), the Xiaomi Mi6 is not shocked by its appearance, as the 5.15-inch LC display on the front side is surrounded by a very thin frame. It does not support the corresponding IP-certification (67 or 68), which promises invulnerability of the smartphone during a long immersion in the water. Mi6 is protected only from splashing water. There is no support for wireless charging.

Xiaomi also uses the old and sluggish USB 2.0 standard. There is no 3.5-millimeter connector.

First of all, the long battery life that was demonstrated by the smartphone during our online test, in which we automatically scrolled web sites, reproduced the video and typed texts, was impressive. Here Xiaomi Mi6 managed to survive 13 hours 42 minutes – this value is among the best available in our ranking of smartphones.

Thanks to the fast charging technology, the supplied 18W power pack fully charges the battery in 90 minutes – it’s very fast.

The version we tested had 64 GB of memory, but multimedia fans as an alternative can take a 128-gigabyte version. Both versions have 6 GB of RAM at their disposal.

Highest performance, good display

The 8-core Snapdragon 835, now considered to be the fastest “system on a chip”, is due to the 10nm process technology to demonstrate the benefits of energy efficiency and thus contribute to such an impressive amount of battery life for the smartphone. The operating system Android 7, which Xiaomi provided with a user interface of its own design MIUI, which reacts expectedly fast in general.

The display has Full-HD resolution. When used outdoors, the screen can increase the brightness to 572 cd/m2 – this is a very good value. Such characteristics allow you to see the content well even in bright sunlight.

Dual camera with 2X zoom

The Xiaomi Mi6 dual camera system reminded us of the same in the iPhone 7 Plus. Both matrices have a resolution of 12 megapixels, but differ, however, in other characteristics. The main camera has a maximum aperture of f/1.8, which misses a lot of light, an optical image stabilizer and a focal length, in a small format equivalent of 27 mm.

An additional camera with a maximum aperture of f / 2.6 transmits less light, must dispense with an optical image stabilizer and works with small image points. But since in the small-format equivalent the focal length here is 52 mm, here users can get photos with 2-fold magnification relative to the main camera.

The quality of photos obtained in daylight was very good. Dynamics and colors we really liked, the noise is almost invisible. In this case, the clarity could be a little bit better. At twilight illumination, the images tend to soft blur and faded. In addition, the level of detail is reduced.

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