Sony Xperia XZ Premium smartphone test

Test results

Xperia XZ Premium from Sony offers Android 7.1 for users in combination with excellent performance, despite this, does not fall into the “Top 5” of our respective rating. In particular, the quality of photos obtained in low light, leaves much to be desired. And also because Sony even in its flagship smartphone refuses the device for fast charging, the ratings in the test category “Battery” are lower than those of direct competitors.

Value for money: good

Value for money: 63

Performance and management (35%): 96.7

Equipment (25%): 96.3

Battery (15%): 76.9

Display (15%): 88.3

Camera (10%): 77.1

Sony Xperia XZ Premium is a mirror

For several years, Sony has not fundamentally changed the design of its smartphones, and this time it continues to bet on the minimalistic look that we know from the Xperia series. In principle, it all looks good and elegant, but in the case of Xperia XZ Premium already rests on its boundaries.

Firstly, the phone turns out to be very large, since the screen is surrounded on all sides by clearly defined frames. In addition, at the bottom of the company Sony has placed an additional black bar with soft buttons for control, which also occupies a certain place.

On the other hand, in the silver/chrome case of the device we tested everything is reflected in the mirror. For a short time, both the front and back surfaces were covered with numerous fingerprints and greasy stains. The edges here are also glossy, rounded and very smooth, which leads to an easier slip from the fingers of the apparatus weighing 190 grams in a telephone conversation.

In terms of equipment, Sony stands out. These include an extremely clear 4K display with a 5.5-inch diagonal. Xperia XZ Premium in UHD-resolution presents not only photos and videos, but also a display of the user interface.

Great attention was paid by Sony to the digital camera of its new flagship and provided it with a high resolution of 19 megapixels, as well as a high-speed video recording function with 960 frames per second. Essentially, the camera corresponds to that of the Xperia XZs, but during the test tests it showed slightly better results. The reason most likely could be of a new firmware version.

The quality of photos here is generally good, but in comparison with such direct competitors as Galaxy S8 and HTC U11, Xperia XZ Premium still reveals certain shortcomings. Pictures taken in low light do not correspond to the High-End level of the device.

The mode of the video camera, which is called “High Frame” – is an interesting function that will bring a lot of pleasure from shooting under daylight. In this mode, the camera will record video in HD resolution at a speed of up to 960 frames per second, so you can then very slow down the playback of the footage.

In terms of performance, Xperia XZ Premium is on par with the best models on the market (and in our smartphone rating). Snapdragon 835 provides fast operation of the user interface, smooth scrolling, pleasant response speed to commands and quick launch of applications. In this “system on the chip” there are also modules of gigabit LTE and Bluetooth 5.

Who will not have enough 64 GB of internal memory can expand it with microSD cards. Data exchange with the computer will also be pleasantly quick thanks to the USB 3.1 Type-C. Last but not least, it is practical to protect the case in accordance with the IP-68 standard, which means for users that it is possible to drop the smartphone into the water without consequences.
Sony sells Xperia XZ Premium in colors “chrome” and “black”.

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