Review Huawei Matebook X: debut laptop from Huawei

The debut laptop company Huawei called Matebook X, which can not be called cheap. During the practice test, a very good keyboard and a smooth touchpad were particularly positive.

Unfortunately, the Matebook X has a drawback – only two USB ports, which somewhat limit the functionality of the device. This is not very convenient for the user, even with the fact that the package includes a special adapter.

Surprising hardware

With a thickness of only 1.25 cm and weighing about 1 kg, this device in the all-metal casing is one of the thinnest, fastest and most convenient in its class. This was made possible by the use of the passive cooling system of the Core i5-7200U processor and a high-quality 13.3-inch display (2160×1440 pixels) with an unusual 3: 2 aspect ratio. The work of the processor from Intel supports 8 GB of RAM, SSD-drive offers a space of 256 GB.

In the benchmark PCMark 7, we obtained 5343 points, and in the benchmark 3DMark Cloud Gate, which tests the graphic performance, 6142 points – thus, in this test category, the Matebook X proved to be more powerful than the HP Specter x360 Convertible, which in tests for overall performance received only 4872 Points.

A good display, but not without flaws

The IPS panel used here has a high stability of viewing angles and is very bright. The maximum brightness level measured by us was an impressive 431 cd / m2. But the surface of the display very much flashes. However, due to the high degree of brightness, you can easily work in the conditions of constantly changing ambient lighting.

The contrast of 176: 1 is not very impressive. However, this defect can really become noticeable only when playing video with relatively dark scenes. In general, the Matebook X display is no worse than the top-end ultrabook displays.

Annoying the limited use of ports. In particular, you can charge the Matebook X exclusively through the left USB port. The options for using the adapter, depending on the task, also have their limitations. In particular, if you want to use Matedock 2 as an additional interface for the display, you only have to use the right side.

As wireless interfaces, Matebook X is available for use with Bluetooth 4.1 and WLAN ac 802.11.

Alternative to Matebook X

In addition to the 12-inch MacBook as an ultrabook-alternative for Matebook X can be considered Asus Zenbook 3 from Huawei. This device is somewhat more affordable and boasts a 512 GB SSD-drive. However, here you also have to put up with some limitations in the field of interfaces.

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