Overview of the Microsoft Surface Laptop with Windows 10 S

Surface Laptop is the first laptop from Microsoft. So far we have dealt only with high-performance devices of the “2 in 1” format, for example, the new Surface Pro. But at Surface Laptop the Alcántara-clad keyboard is not disconnected, and the screen does not rotate 360 degrees.

Very good keyboard and Alcantara

Mentioning in the technical specifications of the Core i5-7200U and 8 GB of RAM, Microsoft does not provide information about the performance of this device. Due to the significant limitations imposed by the safe Windows 10 S, it will not be possible to determine the true performance with the help of popular benchmarks.

For physical connection, only USB 3.0 and MiniDisplay ports are available. Wireless communications Surface laptop can carry through Bluetooth 4.1 and WLAN adapter standard 802.11-ac.

A notable feature of this notebook is the covering of the case around the keyboard with Alcantara. Thus, Surface Laptop stands out against the background of other topical ultrabook models, but it certainly will not appeal to everyone.

According to Microsoft, alcantara is easy to clean and there should not be anything left on it, but as the operational experience of Type Cover for Surface Pro shows that, over time, the unsightly appearance remains. The replacement of Alcantara, as well as the modernization of equipment or even just repairs, as in the case with all ultrabooks, will not be possible.

Sensation of typing and control of the touchpad are at a very good level, and the touch screen surface supports the work with the stylus.

Strong quality Surface Laptop demonstrates in the field of mobility, as during the tests in the scenario of working with office software we measured almost 11 hours of battery life. In the video playback mode with a display brightness set at 200 cd/m2, the battery could hold an impressive 13 hours.

The 13.5-inch display with a 3:2 aspect ratio and a resolution of 2256×1504 pixels has a maximum brightness of 363.3 cd/m2. The contrast of 184: 1 could be better, but this flaw is evident only when watching movies with dark scenes.

Windows 10 S makes sense to use only if you are primarily engaged in web surfing or office work. But for this in most cases there will be enough features of much cheaper devices. To fully unlock the potential of Surface Laptop, we recommend you to use the free transfer to Windows 10 at the moment.

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