HTC U Ultra Smartphone Test
Test results

HTC U Ultra on the basis of test results proved to be convincing in many respects, so we can refer it to devices of good level. A proven smartphone is particularly well proven in such test disciplines as Performance and Control, Display, Battery and Equipment. Serious drawbacks with this smartphone, we did not find, but the camera disappointed us a little. In addition, from the battery, the smartphone could also work a little longer.

Value for money: 73

Performance and management (35%): 94.8

Equipment (25%): 83.4

Battery (15%): 82.2

Display (15%): 86.3

Camera (10%): 75.5

The smartphone is equipped with a “system on a chip” Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, which under full load operates at a clock frequency of 2150 MHz and uses for computing four cores. RAM device has 4 GB, while for storage of user data after deducting the space occupied by the operating system and pre-installed applications, 54.9 GB remain free.

In testing the speed of work HTC U Ultra was rated “very good.” The device stores the energy in a 3000 mAh battery, which allowed the smartphone to last 8 hours and 23 minutes during our testing. If the battery is completely empty, the charging process via USB Type-C 3.0 connector will last 2 hours.

To carry out wireless data transfer the smartphone can via WLAN 802.11 n, ac and Bluetooth 4.2. A few more words about the key characteristics: the total mass of HTC U Ultra is 174 grams, and in the thickest place of its body we measured 10 mm. The dimensions are 163×80 mm. We estimated the appearance of the smartphone as “very good”. True, while the decisive role is played not by design, but by the quality of the performance and the manufacturer’s choice of the used materials.

In the case of HTC U Ultra, the manufacturer decided to use an LCD display that has a 5.7-inch diagonal size and offers a resolution of 1440×2560 pixels. Therefore, this mobile device has a pixel density of 513 ppi. According to our laboratory measurements, the panel achieves a brightness of 433.3 cd/m2.

HTC U Ultra offers its users a main camera that takes photos with a resolution of 12.6 megapixels. The minimum distance to the object to be shot is 8 centimeters, and the time that the system needs to take a picture is 1.42 seconds. For lovers of Selfie, a front camera with a resolution of 16.3 megapixels is installed on the front side.

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