ASUS FX502VM – a detailed review of the laptop

ASUS FX502VM is the flagship notebook, which is a light version of the GL502VM. Despite this, this model boasts impressive performance, reliability and stable operation in all conditions. This review will help to understand the main strengths and weaknesses of the gadget.

Notebook ASUS FX502VM received a black case, which is very different from the usual silver models of premium class. The build quality is at a high level and in no way inferior to the more expensive models of the manufacturer. The main unit and frames are reliable: they do not bend under the pressure of the hand and do not lose their original appearance after a while. If you strongly press on the cover, you can hear a quiet creak, but no deformations can not be seen.

The body is made monolithic: here one can not notice crevices, protrusions or irregularities. The design is generally flawless, and the ASUS FX502VM is a recognizable model. With regard to size and weight, this device occupies an intermediate place between such giants as MSI GT62VR and MSI GS63VR. With dimensions of 390x266x23.5 mm, a laptop with a battery weighs 2.2 kg. This is a fairly good indicator for a device from a similar price segment.

ASUS FX502VM: characteristics of the display

The screen is the most important difference between the ASUS FX502VM laptop and its premium brother. The model is equipped with an inexpensive matrix. On the market at the moment the device is represented by two different displays. The first modification boasts a full-HD LED display with anti-reflective coating, as well as NTSC 72%. The second version of the laptop received a Full HD display with anti-reflective coating and NTSC coverage of 45%. Both models have a diagonal of 15.6 inches and a 16: 9 aspect ratio.

The display is characterized by a low contrast ratio, and the brightness of the backlight leaves much to be desired. Use the device on the street will be extremely difficult, since problems can occur even when working under artificial lighting, although the viewing angles are very good – 178 degrees, and the color scale sRGB – 100%. It should be noted that the same matrix is used on Dell Vostro 15 5568 and Acer TravelMate P449-M models, which belong to the cheaper price segment.

As for the performance of the ASUS FX502VM, there are no complaints, because the same processors are used here as in the premium model GL502VM. At the choice of the user are offered two complete sets:

the first is equipped with an Intel Core i5 6300HQ processor;

the second – Intel Core i7 6700HQ.

Such chipsets are enough for the device to be able to cope without any problems with any tasks assigned to it, including work in office applications and the most demanding games. Assists in this impressive amount of RAM type DDR4, which can be up to 24 GB.

Each processor has a heat dissipation rating of 45 watts, so they can be used for games. Ironically, engineers offer only one version of the video card. “Heart” ASUS FX502VM works in tandem with a GTX 1060 graphics adapter with 3 GB of memory on board.

The main advantage of the ASUS FX502VM in performance is that it uses Kaby Lake i7, which provides 10% more performance than Skylake and Broadwell. This is of paramount importance for users who often use a laptop to perform multi-threaded tasks.

Notebook ASUS FX502VM is equipped with 5400RPM SATA HDD or 7200RPM hard drives for 1 TB depending on the configuration. Solid-state drives SATA HDD can be on 128, 256 and 512 Gb.

GeForce GTX 1060, which is equipped with a laptop, is a new generation of graphics accelerators. Testing shows that this model is almost 1.5 times faster than the previous generation GeForce GTX 1050. As for performance, the video card is not inferior to the one that is installed on the premium model GL502VM.

As for the cooling system, the device uses Hyper Cool Duo-Copper. It is represented by special heat pipes and two fans. The design of the CO ensures independent cooling of the graphics processor and chipset, which significantly improves the efficiency and stability of the work.

In this model, the interfaces are a microphone port, 1 LAN RJ45, 1 HDMI, power connector, 3 pieces of USB 3.0.1, power and a mini display port.

For a stable wireless connection, the Wi-Fi adapter is responsible. The device is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0. Moreover, testing of communications shows better results than most flagship devices on the market. This is due to the minimal background activity of most programs.

The acoustic system of modern laptops can not boast of effective work. The microphone of ASUS FX502VM is characterized by a terrible bass reproduction, but this problem is typical for almost all portable PCs. The maximum volume is enough for a small room.

A high-performance processor, a powerful graphics card and a good cooling system consume a lot of power. If in the standby mode the laptop spends 15 W, then at loads this indicator increases by 8 times. Low level of electricity consumption in the gadget in idle mode positively affects the battery life.

ASUS FX502VM is equipped with a 4-cell battery at 64 W, providing excellent battery life: with normal surfing, the laptop will last about 5 hours. The process of charging from zero to 100% takes 2.5 hours.

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